Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in Black & White

Clever titles are optional, and feel free to supply your own. But after an exciting season (Visalia was in the playoff race until the final day), we're back with more semi-regular updates. We've also added a second page to the blog (see "Trophy Case" across the top of the page) with everything Visalia has won since entering the California League in 1946. Sure, the club has managed to win the league only twice, but you might be surprised by how many other times they've been agonizingly close. Individual award-winners are also listed, and you might recognize some of the names.

Also, there's this:
Click image for larger version

We believe this was taken in the early 50s at the same baseball clinic that this picture is from. Unfortunately, we can't be sure. But it's definitely Rec Park in the old Wooden Grandstand Era. The batter gets points for style and effort; no points, however, for failing to rotate his hips on the swing (or make contact, for that matter). Hey, for all we know, it was a filthy pitch.


  1. This is a very curious information for me. I've nevr hears about it before! Very good reasearch!

  2. It was a filthy pitch. Individual award-winners were also listed, and I recognized some of their names. Hopefully, this information would be useful for my history dissertation.I'll need to check it out with Thanks!

  3. Such a rare photo! From where have you taken it, I wonder? This legendary team has won the California League and I belive this is quite on merit!